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Monday, August 23, 2021

Uzbekistan visit visa

 Visit Visa 1 Month (35000)

Process Time: 15 Days
Uzbekistan Business Visa 3 Month (75000)
Process Time 20 Days
Cnic Copy
2 Pictures with White background
Visa Invitation Letter, Visa Drop Box Services Also Av
Uzbekistan Work Permit Without Job (225,000)
Process Time 25 Daysailable For travel Agents.
Cheap Tickets For Tashkent, Hotel Booking, Tourist Guide in Uzbekistan May Provided.
For Tourist Packages & Hoidays Plans Visit Us.
Global Visa Consultants (PVT) LTD
Office 210, 2nd Floor Landmark Plaza,
Jail Road Lahore.

 Some about uzbekistan:

Uzbekistan (UK/ʊzˌbɛkɪˈstɑːn, ʌz-, -ˈstæn/US/ʊzˈbɛkɪstæn, -stɑːn/;[13][14] UzbekOʻzbekistonpronounced [ozbekiˈstɒn]), officially the Republic of Uzbekistan (UzbekOʻzbekiston Respublikasi), is a doubly landlocked country in Central Asia. It is surrounded by five countries: Kazakhstan to the northKyrgyzstan to the northeastTajikistan to the southeastAfghanistan to the southTurkmenistan to the south-west. Its capital and largest city is Tashkent. Along with Liechtenstein, it is one of two doubly landlocked countries.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Belarus Visa for 90 Days


 Belarus Visa for 90 Days


Age: 18 to 45

CNIC Scan Copy

Study Metric to Masters

4 Passport Size Picture (White Background)

Police Clarence Certificate

Cost & Payment Terms: Total Cost 8 Lac

1 Lac Advance (Without Advance Case Will not Process) If Client Withdraw Case Security is No Refundable. 

All Details Are Posted Here So Only Call/Whatsapp If You are Serious. Chaska Party & Time Waster Stay Away. Travel Agent & Consultants Are Welcome to Built Long Term Business Partnership. 

Global Visa Consultants

Office 210, 2nd Floor Landmark Plaza,

Jail Road Lahore. 

Whatsapp: +92 323 8881747

Some about belarus;


During the 9th and 10th centuries, Scandinavian Vikings established trade posts on the way from Scandinavia to the Byzantine Empire. The network of lakes and rivers crossing East Slav territory provided a lucrative trade route between the two civilizations. In the course of trade, they gradually took sovereignty over the tribes of East Slavs, at least to the point required by improvements in trade.

The Rus' rulers invaded the Byzantine Empire on few occasions, but eventually they allied against the Bulgars. The condition underlying this alliance was to open the country for Christianization and acculturation from the Byzantine Empire.

The common cultural bond of Eastern Orthodox Christianity and written Church Slavonic (a literary and liturgical Slavic language developed by 8th century missionaries Saints Cyril and Methodius) fostered the emergence of a new geopolitical entity, Kievan Rus' — a loose-knit multi-ethnic network of principalities,[1] established along preexisting trade routes, with major centers in Novgorod (currently Russia), Polatsk (in Belarus) and Kyiv (currently in Ukraine) — which claimed a sometimes precarious preeminence among them.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Hungar Work Permit


Hungary Work Permit

Process Time: 45 Days
Salary: 800 To 1200 EUR
Job Nature: Packing, Factory Worker, Driver
Work Permit (2 Years Job Contract)
Age: 18 to 45
Passport + CNIC
4 X Passport Size Pictures
Birth Certificate (Attested by Ministry of Forigen Affairs)
Police Clearence Certificate (Attested by Ministry of Forigen Affairs)
Family Registration Certificate (Attested by Ministry of Forigen Affairs)
Education: Metric to Masters
Job Experience: If Have Any
Cost & Payment Terms: Total Cost 14 Lac
1 Lac Advance (Without Advance Case Will not Process) If Client Withdraw Case Security is No Refundable.
After Getting Schengen Visa Full Payment must be Clear Before Fly. Contract Will be Signed Before Start Process.
Contact Only, If You Agree With Terms & Conditions Then Visit Us. Chaska Party Philosopher & Time Waster Stay Away.
Global Visa Consultants
Office 210, 2nd Floor Landmark Plaza,
Jail Road Lahore.
Call/Whatsapp: +92 3238881747

some lines of hungary country history;

Early 4th century BC

  • Celts invade Pannonia and gradually conquer the lands along the Middle Danube.[2]

3rd century BC

279 BC

113 BC

  • The Celtic Boii control the Middle Danube region when the Cimbri move across their territory during their migration towards the Alps.[4][5]

c. 50 BC

  • The OsiCotini and Anarti live in the northern regions of the Great Hungarian Plain. The Dacians take control of the lands to the east of the river Tisza.[6]

c. 45 BC

  • The Dacian king, Burebista, defeats the Celtic ruler, Critasirus, and occupies lands east and north of the Middle Danube.[7]

c. 44 BC

  • Burebista dies and his kingdom disintegrates.[7][8]

Monday, August 9, 2021

Poland Work Permit


Poland Work Permit
Salary: 3000 To 5000 PLN
Poland Work Permit (2 Years Job Contract)
Age: 18 to 45
Passport + CNIC
4 X RequirementsPassport Size Pictures
Education: Metric to Masters
Job Experience: If Have Any
Process: Visas Will be Process Through Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. 1 Month Stay Required There for Visa Process & Documents Submission to Embassy. Residence Will be Provide. Food Client Arrange by Himself.
Cost & Payment Terms: Total Cost 14 Lac
1 Lac Advance (Without Advance Case Will not Process) If Client Withdraw Case Security is No Refundable.
After Stamped Visa from Pakistan Before Travel 40% Payment Required. After Getting Schengen Visa Full Payment must be Clear Before Fly. Contract Will be Signed Before Start Process.
Contact Only, If You Agree With Terms & Conditions Then Visit Us. Chaska Party Philosopher & Time Waster Stay Away.
Global Visa Consultants
Office 210, 2nd Floor Landmark Plaza,
Jail Road Lahore. Whatsapp: 03082777791

about poland some history;

2010 July - Parliament Speaker and Acting President Bronislaw Komorowski of the centre-right Civic Platform defeats former prime minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski in the second round of presidential elections.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton oversees amended agreement to station US missile defence shield base in Poland.

2010 December - Nigerian-born John Abraham Godson becomes first black member of Polish parliament.

2011 January - Russia's aviation authority blamed Polish pilot error for the Smolensk air crash in which President Lech Kaczynski and many other officials were killed in April 2010.

2011 July - Poland takes over EU rotating presidency for first time since it joined the bloc in 2004.

2011 October - Prime Minister Donald Tusk's centre-right Civic Platform party wins parliamentary elections.

2012 January - A court gives communist-era interior minister Czeslaw Kiszczak a two-year suspended prison sentence in absentia for his role in the martial law crackdown in 1981. The Communist Party leader of the time, Stanislaw Kania, is acquitted.

2013 September - Tens of thousands of protesters march through Warsaw in one of the largest demonstrations in years, organised by trade unions, to demand more jobs and higher pay.

2014 March - Prime Minister Donald Tusk says that Russia's annexation of Crimea cannot be accepted by the international community.

2014 April - Poland asks Nato to station 10,000 troops on its territory, as a visible mark of the Alliance's resolve to defend all its members after Russia's seizure of Crimea.

2014 June - Mr Tusk's ruling coalition narrowly survives a confidence vote triggered by a scandal prompted by leaked tapes of senior government officials appearing to disparage Poland's allies.

2014 September - Prime Minister Donald Tusk resigns to take up the post of president of the European Council. Ewa Kopacz takes over as head of government.

2014 November - Poland adopts a new National Security Strategy that states the country is threatened by war and names Russia as an aggressor in Ukraine.

2014 December - Poland complains of "unprecedented" Russian military activity in the Baltic Sea region, saying Nato is being tested but is not at risk of attack.

2015 April - Poland announces purchase of US Patriot surface-to-air missiles amid rising tension with Russia.

Turn to the right

2015 May - Conservative Law and Justice candidate Andrzej Duda beats centrist incumbent Bronislaw Komorowski in presidential election.

2015 October - Law and Justice conservative, Eurosceptic party becomes first to win overall majority in Polish democratic elections.

2015 December - President Duda approves controversial reform making it harder for the constitutional court to make majority rulings, despite large protests and European Union concerns at the implications for oversight of government decisions.

2016 January - European Commission investigates new media law that allows government to appoint heads of state TV and radio as potential "threat to European Union values".

2016 October - Parliament rejects private-member's bill to institute a near-total ban on abortion following mass protests. The governing Law and Justice party decides not to back the bill.

2017 April - Poland welcomes Nato troops deployed in the northeast, as part of efforts to enhance security following Russia's annexation of Crimea.

2017 May - Tens of thousands of people take part in a march in the capital, Warsaw, to protest against what they see as curbs on democracy imposed by the governing Law and Justice Party.

2017 July - President Duda vetoes controversial laws that would have given the government extensive power over the judiciary.

2017 December - Finance Minister Mateusz Morawiecki takes over as prime minister of the Law and Justice party government.

2018 March - A new law makes it an offence to ascribe Nazi atrocities in occupied Poland to the Polish state.

2019 October - The Law and Justice party maintains its position in the lower house of parliament at general elections, but loses control of the Senate to centre and centre-left parties.

Global Visa Consultants Lahore

Office 210, 2nd Floor, Landmark Plaza
Jail Road,Lahore 54000 Pakistan.
T: +92 42 357 12 553
F: +92 42 374 96 029
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DERZHAVIN Teaching Jobs in Sweden Temporary Essential Skills Work Visa To New Zealand Thailand Thailand International Furniture Fair 15th & 16th March 2014 The Australian Immigration Process a few Points of Importance the bad and the ugly The basic and the handy things for Hong Kong Student Visa The DEMIG VISA database and methods The Denmark Work Permit - Danish Green Card The effects Migrants have had on the UK The Eiffel Tower in the world The Express Entry Checklist For Prospective Applicants The Four Main Visa's for Hong Kong The Global Evolution of Travel Visa Regimes The Great Chakri Palace The Great Serengeti Migration – Tanzania & Kenyaa The ins and outs of a Australia Working Holiday Visa The interview process for entry into the USA The land of the immigrants - Canada The most beautiful countries in the world The Most Beautiful Grottoes in China THE MOST IMPORTANT YOU GET The new 'Skills Select' programme The new Retirement Visa - Australia The New Zealand Silver Fern for Job Seekers The opportunities are endless in Australia The Provincial Nominee Programme - Canada The Schengen Visa The Scope of New Zealand Working Holiday Visa The Seven Most Beautiful Villages and Tow in China The tests required for US immigration The United States government offers three student visa types including F The US Green Card Lottery The Visa Company the Western Hemisphere’s highest outdoor skydeck opens The World Top 20 Universities The World Top 20 Universities Rankings for 2019 Things to See on Each Floor Tier 2 Visa Requirements Tighter rules for Denmark visa Tips for life in Hong Kong Tips on how to successfully manage the transition to the new Lease Accounting Standard Top 10 Hindi speaking destinations for Indian immigrants Top 20 Universities Rankings Top Ancient Capitals of China Top Australia Immigration Consultants Top Famous Universities in Spain 2020 Top Mistakes to AVOID during a Visa Interview Topkapi Palace Topkapi Sarayi Toronto - Canada – A Indepth Focus Tour Feature Tour Overview Tourist / Visitor VISA Tourist Visa Towns Must See in China Traditional German Food Training/Internship VISA Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report Travel Visa Travel Visa Options Travel visas as a foreign policy instrument Travelling to Hungry Travelling to Malta Treasure Out the Simple Best Ways to Migrate to Australia Tuition and Fees TURKEY – ECONOMIC CROSS ROADS Turkey- One of the top 10 destinations in the World Tuscany Two residential towers break ground in Chicago’s Lakeshore East Types of Australian Temporary Visa Types of visas in Russia U.S. Citizen U.S. crackdown may result withdraw right to work for immigrant spouses UAE Dubai Visas UAE visa fees UCSI University (University College Sedaya International) UK immigration is an amazing experience for potential immigrants UK Student Visa UK visa bond proposal scrapped UK Visa Bond to Apply Only To "A Few UK VISA CONSULTANT ADVOCATES UK Visa Reform Harms British Universities UK Visas Ukraine Undergraduate Degree United Kingdom United Kingdom: 36 million visitors United States United States 80 million visitors United States - the Great Land for Immigrants Universities and Colleges in China Universities in China Universities in India Universities in Latvia University of Manchester University of Oxford World University Rankings University of Science and Technology of China University Teaching Staff US EB5 Green Card Visa US Immigration and its Effect on the Country Population US migrant Visas US student visa requirements US Work Study Program USA USA Student VISA USA - The good USA - United States - America USA F1 Visa USA Immigration and Visa Requirements USA Tourist Visa USA Visas USA Visitor Visa USA's F1 Visa Application Procedure Using your visa Uzbekistan visit visa Van Rhijn & Partners VANUATU A GROWING ECONOMY Various Types of Visas Available for U.S Immigration Process Various Visas Available for UK Immigration VFS Global Vienna - The Best Holiday Spot in Austria Vilnius Visa Visa Consultants Visa Immigration Visa Info for Pakistani Students Going to a University in United States VISA ON DONE BASIS Visa to Australia Visas and Citizenship Visas to Study in Germany Visit VISIT & IMMIGRATION Visit New York Visitor Visa Visitor Visa for Hong Kong Want a USA student visa? Find out which exams you need to take Wat Pho in Bangkok Wat Trimit What are the Benefits of Australian Visa? What is allowed under a Working Holiday Visa What is Green Card What Kinds of People Can Get Visas to the United Kingdom? What students should know while applying for New Zealand student visa What type of visa you need if you want to do business in USA What You Need to know About Denmark Green Card Scheme ? Where in the UK to go? Why Denmark is more popular for immigrants than ever Why not choose Denmark as the place for Education? Why Study in China? – Student Life in China – Scholarships in China Why Study in Latvia Why Study in Lithuania Why Study in the UK Wild Life and Beautiful Beaches WORK Work and Holiday Visa in Australia Work and Live in Canada is Made Easy by Canada FSW Program Work Holiday Programme Work in New Zealand Work Permit Work Permit to Poland Work Permit Visa Work Permits Work Study Program Work Visa Programs that help you Migrate to Australia Working (Employment) VISA Working Holiday Visa World"s Best Countries to Attract Highly Skilled Workers from Overseas Wuzhen Water Town XXII WINTER OLYMPICS-Russia YEAR IN REVIEW DOMINICA YEAR IN REVIEW ST. KITTS & NEVIS YEAR IN REVIEW ANTIGUA & BARBUDA YEAR IN REVIEW GRENADA You could face an 8 month wait for Denmark Visa You Should Visit In the UK Your first winter: skiing Zhaoxing Dong Village